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Interactive Mystery Dinner Theater - Webster, TX Location

Romance is in the Air... The Wedding of the Prince and Princess is about to begin...

But wait theres been a little problem the Enchanted heart has been broken into two.

Help the Hunchback find the other half and save the day so we can all have a

Happily Ever After!
WhoDunnit Dessert Theater - Webster, TX Location
A Stu Pid Murder Case
French Inspector Noah Clue... at your service.
And I have invited each of you here tonight because I think you all know something that will help me solve a murder case!!!
Yes Murder!!!
The Owner of this Mansion Mr. Pid (his first name is Stu) has been murdered and we your help to solve....

A Stu Pid Murder Case!
Outta Time Mystery Challenge - Webster, TX Location
Solve a Crime and Stop a bomb....
EGAD!!!! Theres been a murder! Please we need your help to solve this murde..... Wait whats that sound? OH NO you must have activated the TIME BOMB!

Quick solve this case and stop the bomb before you and your group are blown to Smithereens!!