Outta Time: Escape Room in Clear Lake, TX
Outta Time Mystery Challenge
Can you solve the crime and Stop the bomb?? or Be blown to Smithereens!
Outta Time
We perform this interactive Outta Time theater on the following days and times:
Tues & Wed: noon-9pm ---Every hour
Thursday: noon-6pm ----Every hour
Friday : noon- 7pm ---Every hour
Sat: noon-4pm ---Every hour

$12:00 Per Person
does not include tax
How it works!
Escaping a room is easy, How about having to Solve a crime and stop a time bomb before you and your entire group are blown up! A half an hour experience where a host will start your experience and then its up to you!! Solve the crime by finding clues and solving puzzles... But hurry the anticipation is growing as the ticking gets faster!!
Do you have the makings of a Hero?
Take a chance and join the race, the race against time! Solve the mystery in time and be the HERO! Not in time…and you and those with you go out with a bang

We perform this interactive Outta Time theater at our Webster, TX location