Our Guests have so much fun at Murder by Chocolate!
Dinner Theater
A Few Testimonials...

"We had a fantastic time it was so much fun with the crowd and the hosts. I really enjoyed the crowd involvement it made it much more exciting!”

-Keli J.

“It's different and truly fun. Good clean entertainment and a good meal, including the location of the event, just makes it a unique.”

-Courtenay G.

“My mom loves murder mysteries. I Brought her here and she had a blast. We will definitely be back. This was a unique and fun way to spend a Saturday night.”

-Heather L.

“Murder by Chocolate is our annual anniversary date. We have never seen the same show twice and we always have a fantastic night.”

-Jennifer B.

“Our whole group really enjoyed the experience. We all had a lot of fun & great laughs!"

-Angela R.

“Thanks for a fun time! You and your staff have loads of personality, and everyone in our party enjoyed the experience. So glad we did it!”

-Rebecca B.

“So much fun! We were in awe of the building and how cool it is just simply entering. The show was very fun and made us excited for the next time we come.”

-Colton W.

“The most fun I've ever had! Best birthday gift ever! I recommend everyone experience it! I have told everyone I know already”

-Lisa R.
Join Us in our hilarious “one of a kind” guest interactive mystery Dinner Theater
Whodunnit Theater
A Few Testimonials...

“I have never been to a murder mystery dinner theater, so when my friend suggested it as a girls night out I was excited, but unsure of what to expect. We decided to the the Whodunit. When we arrived, I really was impressed by the entrance of the cafe, and the decoration in general. All the staff were fun, and charismatic. Giles our butler was charming, friendly, and made the experience fun.Overall, I was highly impressed with the establishment and will be coming back to do the full mystery dinner sometime in the future. Thank you for a great night out.”

-Christine L.

“Our 5th grade Girl Scout troop had a great time at a Murder By Chocolate Tea and Murder event. They had fun being detectives. They also enjoyed the food, drinks and dessert. Thanks again for an afternoon of fun.”

-Chris F.

“I had a great time with my friends trying to solve the mystery. The dessert was delicious too!”

-Stephanie D.

“I had so much fun at the Whodunnit Dessert. Be prepared for silliness! It was interactive and entertaining. The atmosphere is well done; it's like being in a live clue game. Their customer service was excellent. I am allergic to wheat, so I sent them an email ahead of time. They replied promptly that they could accommodate me for dessert and they had a tray of gluten free cookies and cupcakes just for me.”
-Sara M.
Join Us
in a “hands on” mystery solving experience in a one of a kind…”Clue Game” environment!
A Few Testimonials...

“We were looking for something unique for our annual holiday party and several employees suggested a dinner show. We could not have been more pleased with the outstanding job the Murder By Chocolate team did in creating a great event for our team. Having the employees participate is a wonderful feature and we expect we'll call on them again in the future.”

-Russ D.

“We were looking for an event for a large group that would encompass dinner. None of us had been to a murder mystery dinner so we thought this would be a fun dinner for our company outing. I have to say that I was a little hesitant when we first walked in because there wasn't any real direction on where we should go or what we should do before dinner started. The waiting area was a large room that was sectioned off into rooms that you would find in the game Clue. Despite our hesitancy and the fact that this was a comedy so some of it was a little corny, we all had a great time. The audience is encouraged to be part of the show and that makes it much more fun for the party you are with. The food was good and the hosts were very accommodating. I recommend this for a large group of friends to experience together. We shared a lot of laughs.”
-Veronica E.
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