WhoDunnit Theater: Murder by Chocolate Mystery Theater in Houston, TX
Whodunnit Theater
Come join us for a “hands on” mystery solving experience in a one of a kind…”Clue Game” environment!
Schedule & Pricing
We perform every Friday and Saturday 8:30-10:00pm at our location in Webster, Texas.

Whodunnit Dessert Theater

Our WhoDunnit Theater has performances Every Friday and Saturday from 8:30-10:00pm at our Webster TX location. The evening includes a Dessert Buffet and Non-alcoholic drinks. (You may bring your own beer, wine or champagne and we will provide openers and glasses)
Whodunnit Dessert Theater
Whodunnit Dessert Theater
How it Works:
There's been a murder (or crime)!
The guests divide up into teams and explore each of the decorated themed rooms in search of clues or evidence. Beware of foul play! Teams collaborate and race to complete and determine …WhoDunnit. Solve the crime…and your team will be amply rewarded. Possibly a quarter of a million dollars!! Includes a Delicious Dessert Buffet consisting of 4-5 desserts and Non-alocholic drinks. (you can bring your own beer, wine or champagne, we will provide openers and glasses)