Majestic Performance Company

The Chronicles of Hamilton & Patriotic American | Performance and Ballroom Dancing | $15/Person


Chronicles of Hamilton & Patriotic American- songs to show off pride in our nation!

Schedule & Rates

  • $15 per person ticket-holders who purchase in advance will receive a $1 off voucher for any Coffee Shop Selection.

Every Third Friday of the Month from 8-10pm


Performance and Ballroom Dancing. Thank you for supporting the Majestic Performance Company’s Vignettes! Each month we’ll put on a show with songs from musicals ranging The Phantom to the Opera to In the Heights. This month, come to the cabaret- or Murder By Chocolate- for Patriotic American- songs to show off pride in our nation! We’ll continue MPC’s The Chronicles of Hamilton where we perform selections from the Tony Award-winning musical each month. This vignette, you’ll see “Hurricane” where we get to see inside Hamilton’s mind as he makes a decision that changes his political career and “One Last Time” President George Washington’s farewell address to the people he served over 45 years.

We’ll pause between songs to visit the Dessert Bar and enjoy a dance lesson. Grab some friends who like to be entertained- or entertain themselves- and join us for a fun evening out. See you at the show!

-Ashley Ochoa
Founder and Artistic Director
Majestic Performance Company

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