Mystery Dinner Theater


Most Popular! | Solve the Crime from your Seat or Join in on the Fun! | Starts at $60


  • $65 for adults
  • $50 for children

Following Delicious dinner from Carrabbas Italian Grill…mystery and mayhem begins! A crime takes place and everyone has a choice. The choice of just staying seated and solving the crime or taking on a role in the mystery play. “Taking on a role” means you might be chosen to take on a starring or minor role and could end up being the murderer or be murdered!!!

The choice is yours!!!

All our scripts are family friendly and full of hilarious interactions between the characters. Be sure to pay attention to the clues throughout the show, as they will point you to the culprit. This is one evening that will be sure to make you laugh out loud and leave you in stitches!

includes Dinner, Dessert, and non-alcoholic drinks. (BYOB, beer, wine or champagne only)