mystery dinner theater

Dinner Theater

Adult $60 | Child $45

Our Most popular theater where the guests take on the suspect roles and could end up being murdered or the murderer!
Includes a Dinner from Carrabbas Italian Grill, Dessert Buffet and non-alcoholic drinks.
(BYOB, beer, wine or champagne only)


Two Women Solving crime

Whodunnit Dessert

Per Person $35

A crime is committed and you need to solve it. The host will walk you through the crime after you enjoy a dessert buffet. You make teams and have to go room to room to find clues and solve puzzles because ultimately you are racing everyone to be the first person to figure out Whodunnit.

Includes a Dessert Buffet and Non-alcoholic drinks.
(BYOB, beer, wine or champagne only)

outta time

Outta Time Challenge

Per Person $12

This is where we trap you in a room where a crime has been committed and then all of a sudden a time bomb starts ticking so now you not only have to solve a crime but stop a time bomb before you and your entire group are blown to smithereens.
trystan with a fan of cards

Close Up Magic

Per Person $15

This is our in house Comedy magician who will wow and amaze you all while having you crack up. Its interactive as he will use lots of volunteers from the audience whether to make things vanish, multiply money, read minds he gets everyone involved laughing along the way.