Private Parties

What better place to have a “Private Party” than in a “Clue Game” atmosphere!

Birthday Ideas

 Finally something truly unique and fun for the whole family! Looking for a birthday idea that is something like never before? We have the perfect option for you! Whether it is for a Kids birthday Party or an Adult gathering!
For Kids 15 and under we recommend:
  • Whodunnit theater for Kids
(Specifically designed for younger kids, where the kids start off being greeted by the Butler who will tell them about a terrible crime they must help solve. Only by getting into teams, finding clues and solving puzzles will the teams be able to solve Whodunnit) Includes a dessert buffet and non-alcoholic drinks!
  • Comedy Magic Show
(Bud Kula puts on a 45 min magic show geared for younger ages! Still wowing and amazing the kids he will also get them involved and even teach the kids a magic trick, plus give the birthday boy or girl something magical to take home with them)
  • Tea and Murder
(A classic mystery perfect for less then 25 guests. The group starts off by getting in costume and enjoying specialty teas served by a butler until… a kidnapping happens that will make the whole group work together to solve the case by putting together clues and even fingerprint dusting)
Includes fancy teas, sandwiches, non-alcoholic drinks, and dessert platter per person.
*With all options above food can be added for additional cost

For Birthdays, Bachelorette, Get togethers, Anniversaries.

We can provide the cake, food, fun and non alcoholic drinks. You just need to bring yourself and all those who want to have fun!
  • Whodunnit theater
This is where there is a crime that has been committed and there are even some suspects in the audience. At one point all the guests turn into detectives and must go room to room to find clues and solve puzzles because your racing everyone else to be the first ones to figure out WHODUNNIT!
(includes a dessert buffet, non-alcoholic drinks and the mystery experience)
Perfect for:
– Team building
– Birthdays
– Anniversaries
– Bachelorette parties
  • Interactive Dinner Theater
This is our Main event at MBC. This is where the guests take on the suspect roles. Its starts with a host who greets you and asks if you want to take on a character role. You don’t have to but, if you want you could end up being the murderer or possibly even the one who is murdered! There is a whole story plot that happens and by the end everyone works together to figure out who is the Bad person!
(includes a dinner catered from Carrabbas, non- alcoholic drinks, a dessert buffet and the interactive experience)
Perfect for:
– Birthdays
– Team building
– Anniversaries
– Rehearsal Dinners
  • Outta Time Mystery Challenge
A fun quick outing that will get your heart pumping as you race the clock to stop a ticking time bomb. We trap you in a room where a crime has been committed and all or a sudden a time bomb starts ticking! Now you must work together to solve the crime and stop the time bomb before you and your entire group are Blown to smithereens!
( includes a half hour experience where the ticking gets faster every 5 min and so does your heart rate)
Perfect for:
– Team building
– Teen Get together
– Date idea

From large gatherings in the Ballroom to intimate gatherings in one of the smaller Mansion rooms, there is a fun filled place just waiting to be filled by you and your group.

  • Dinner Theater
  • WhoDunnit Theater
  • Tea and a Murder
  • Comedy Magic show
  • Coffee Shop
  • Outta Time

Hang out, play board games, and scavenger hunt!

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